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who we are

Nobel Sport Italia is one of the leading companies in the world for the production and distribution of shotgun ammunition and commercialization of related gunpowder and components. Being part of Sofisport Group, Nobel Sport Italia is completely integrated in terms of the key components of the product, allowing the Company to have full control on quality, service to the market, product development and R&D. With its superior quality components, NSI crafts approximately 120 million shotshells per year which are sold all over the world and distributes approximately 300 tons of powders.


Nobel Sport Italia is born from the heritage of an italian artisan company, Maionchi, still today remembered as synonym of excellence and great tradition, which was bought by Sofisport Group in 1993. We are firmly rooted in our origins which are still part of our DNA and such heritage is important and significant to us.


Humility: we listen to people and challenge our ideas.
Ambition: we strive to be the best.
Team work: we help each other to achieve our goals.
We work at our best, every day, to offer passionate hunters and shooters emotions to be remembered and the opportunity to be better as individuals and sportsmen, by increasing their self-trust and competitiveness by using a product they fully trust in terms of superior performance, consistency and service.