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Giulia Taboga

Huntress, influencer, host of the series #BeWild

“I think that complicity and sharing a vision are the key factors for a winning collaboration and with Nobel Sport team is has been a real love at first sight. Kindness and professionalism are qualities that stand out within the company, from the offices to the heart of production, where the smallest detail is important. To me it is essential to feel part of a big family and since the first visit at the plant I have felt like home. I have already had the possibility to test a few Nobel Sport products which I appreciated for their superior performance, now all I have to do is embark for new destinations together with my english setters Zoe and Petra so that I can try all the new cartridges!”

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Ruby Lewis

Huntress, Shooter

Ruby Lewis is a 21 y.o. huntress and shooter from the UK. During her childhood she has always been surrounded and involved in hunting, shooting and all aspects of countryside pursuits: both her grandfather and her father inspired her so heavily for her passion of shooting and conservation from a young age. She has a working cocker spaniel called Otto, who joins her on every adventure out in the field. Working with Nobel Sport cartridges helped her build confidence in her shooting whilst remaining to be eco-friendly for the wildlife and environment around her.

Favorite Products

Claudia Okreglicka

Dog Huntress, dresseur of english setters, skilled cook of wild game dishes

“I have been using only Nobel Sport cartridges for a few years now and I decided to do so because of the high quality of the components and the constancy of results. Thanks to the wide choice and the availability of specific products for any kind of hunting practice and wild game, besides optimal performance in any climate, NSI cartridgess have become my trusted companions in my hunting adventures across Europe together with my beloved english setters.”

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Daniele Cecchetti

Professional hunter since 1998, producer of hunting videos for “Caccia TV” since 2005, breeder of english setters “Della Serpentara”

“I use Nobel Sport since the beginning of my hunting activity, in particular I have always selected, for my adventures across Europe, my beloved brand “La Collezione”, in different Countries and always different weather conditions and altituides: the result has always been excellent with compact patterns and consistent performance. Lately I have been using with great satisfaction cartridges loaded with steel shot such as “Waterfowl” that have incredible performance: all the customers to whom I suggest to use them are always thankful!”

Favorite Products

Carlotta Manzotti

Influencer, Huntress, Shooter

“I choose Nobel Sport Italia because, besides the fact of being a family to me, where I have felt at home since the very beginning, it is also a brand that represents me 100%. Professionalism, skills and ability which NSI team put in this field really gives goosebumps: every step of the cartridge loading until the final product, which I have had the opportunity to experience, leaves you dumbfounded. After the recent rebranding, I believe Nobel Sport Italia is now no longer only a performing ammunition but also beautiful to see, a true joy for the eyes of us hunters. For my hunting needs, it really cannot get any better!”

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