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Massimo Fabbrizi

Olympic Games Silver Medalist, Trap World Champion, Electrocibles World Champion, Trap European Champion, Electrocibles European Champion

“I have been shooting Nobel Sport since the beginning of my clay shooting carreer. I have always thought Nobel Sport to be cutting edge in the creation and in the loading of cartridges suitable for the world championships I need ton face and NSI people have always been attentive to my needs and close to me in every moment of my carreer.”

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Raniero Testa

Shooter, Performer and Showman. Holder of 20 world records certified by the agencies “Interrecord” and “World Record Agency”


Reaching the top of my showman carreer, performing in all the biggest Game Fairs across Europe and various events all over the world, I decided to choose the quality of the ammunition and the perfection in the realization of a customised cartridge for any kind of need: the “Superveloce”. In Nobel Sport Italia I found professionalism and expertise, and the capability to realize tailor made cartridges for any weather given my frequent travel was no easy task and the intense work made together on the pattern of the “Superveloce” to allow me to realize a super-show has been truly amazing. Thanks to Nobel Sport Italia I have realized my best ever shooting season of my 12 years of carreer and I have been able to realize my shows with serenity limiting almost to zero jamming problems even though the rearm of the shotgun has been increased. Glad to be part of this big family.

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